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Mission of the
Public Interest Transportation Forum

by the Editors

We said before the November 5, 1996 election, that we would periodically comment on Puget Sound public transit activities and issues after the election. This web site, the Puget Sound Public Interest Transportation Forum, is the fulfillment and expansion of that promise.

Our mission is to provide Puget Sound citizens, their elected leaders and the news media with information about ongoing actions and needs regarding the provision of cost-effective, environment enhancing, sustainable mobility improvements for the residents of and visitors to the Everett-Bellevue-Seattle-Tacoma urban region.

We have been examining the urban transportation problems of the central Puget Sound region for the past three decades. We believe there are many substantial improvements in our regional transportation systems and services that must be made, some of which are encompassed in the 1996 RTA Phase I Transit Plan (covering 10 years originally, now 25 years, through 2021) -- called Sound Move -- adopted by the voters, and now Phase II, known as ST2. Other improvements we favor would be possible only if the ongoing Sound Transit plans are amended. Still other improvements we favor fall well outside of the rather limited scope of Sound Transit's authority and its adopted rail/bus transit plan.

This web site is designed to give Puget Sound citizens the opportunity to participate in a civic dialog on public transportation and mobility actions, issues, and opportunities. It is intended to be an active and current source of information that will, we hope, provide many new opportunities for citizen involvement and news media coverage in the Sound Transit era that began with voter approval on November 5, 1996. We will update this site in response to new information that we receive.

We do not intend to duplicate the coverage of the official Sound Transit, taxpayer-funded web site, but instead will provide independent coverage of related topics and issues that Sound Transit does not cover. Individually and collectively, we have opinions about the efficacy of the Sound Transit plan, and we will express those opinions. For example, we have a bias toward the cost-effective use of public funds, that is, spending tax dollars in ways that will provide everyone substantially improved mobility. We encourage and will include the reasoned opinions of contributors.

We will try to foster a higher level of citizen awareness of public transportation and mobility issues than was achieved in the Regional Express (1996) and Mass Transit Now (2008) campaigns. The implementation of the largest public works project in the region's history by an increasingly powerful, some would say rogue agency, deserves the most thoughtful and comprehensive oversight and ongoing evaluation possible.

We view this effort as a process of discovery as well as discourse, and our views may change as we hear from others. We hope to hear from you.

This is an experiment with a powerful new communication technology and one whose outcome cannot be predicted with any certainty. We hope that our site will be a lively and useful source of ideas, opinions, arguments, and facts concerning this very important public issue.

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Last modified: October 21, 2012