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Editorial Standards and Guidelines

Contributions should be limited to 1500 words or less, and should be compactly written and civil in tone. The editors will not be responsible for factual errors and will ask for sources if necessary. Contributions should be signed and accompanied with a brief biographical sketch (less than 50 words). Contact information is desired but not required. Contributors names can be withheld upon request (e.g. the author holds a sensitive position in the transit field) but will be known and kept confidential by the editors.

Contact for editorial contributions: Jerry Schneider - - -

Preferred file format: Word document. If you need to use surface mail, send contributions (on a disk or paper) to:
Jerry Schneider
1503 Brewster Ct SE
Salem, OR 97302 

Web Maintenance Contributions

Volume I of the Public Interest Transit Forum, which was on-line in the two months before the November 5, 1996 RTA election, represented a $250 contribution of computer resources from the editors and was reported to the RTA opposition campaign in accordance with a ruling from the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission. We accepted no outside financial contributions in that period. Now that the RTA election is over and a comprehensive course of government action is set, the editors intend to make the Forum an ongoing electronic publication that covers a wide range of public transportation issues, with any particular election (such as the 1997 and 2000 votes on the monorail initiative) becoming incidental to the larger mission. With this long-run commitment to civic participation, the editors are now open to financial and in-kind labor contributions for the maintenance of the Forum web site from anyone who supports the mission statement. People with professional web creation and editing skills who would like to improve the quality of this site are especially welcome to join the editorial team.

Contact for web maintenance contributions: John Niles ---

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