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Ride Light on Seattle's Link Light Rail:
Plenty of Seats Available

Pictures taken at random on various days suggest no crowding

UPDATE, December 4, 2010:  Latest ridership figures indicate plenty of seats available most of the time.  Now you must have a ticket or ORCA smart card since paper transfers from the bus are no longer valid.

Photos of Central Link's opening day crowds:


In this column, all 3 pictures taken on Friday, July 24, 2009, 15,894 riders all day   Monday, September 14, 2009. Future Mayor Mike McGinn holding red folder. 12,205 riders all day   In this column, all 3 pictures taken on Wed. March 24, 2010, est. 17,000 riders all day



Monday, Dec 7, 2009. 14,264 riders all day

Tues, Jan 12, 2010; 15,339 riders all day



Do these pictures mean that rail cars are never standing room only?  NO!  But usually there is a seat for every rider who wants one.

Notice the video cameras mounted in the ceiling of the train cars, so your ride will be secure.

Notice room for suitcases in the aisle.

Click here for complete information from Sound Transit on riding Central Link Light Rail.

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Last modified: February 07, 2011