Since 1986, long before the "information highway" and the Internet came to prominence, Global Telematics has provided comprehensive, research-based support of people and organizations working to improve mobility, economic development, institutional performance, and quality of life through strategic applications of telematics, the marriage of telecommunications and computers.

Operating Divisions

The Telecommunications Policy Division works with government agencies, service delivery companies, and civic interests to synthesize and articulate effective policy responses to the interaction of telecommunications, transportation, and economic development.

The Telework Division of Global Telematics offers seminars and a management consulting program to assure that the use of telecommuting and teleworking ("moving information instead of people") contributes to an organization's performance, long-run strategy, and social responsibility.

The Global Telematics Mobility Innovations Division provides assistance to partnerships of public transportation agencies and information technology companies that are seeking to facilitate more use of high-occupancy vehicles via Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). This work is part of an international, government-sponsored effort to implement new uses of computers and telecommunications to increase the safety and people-moving capacity of highways.

The Community Development Strategy Division works with community leaders to develop public-private partnership strategies for community and economic development that exploit telecommunications infrastructure and applications for public purposes.

The Learning Networks Division of Global Telematics provides technical and management assistance for implementing education, training, and information-retrieval applications.

Organizations Assisted

  • Metropolitan King County, Washington
  • Discovery Institute
  • United Nations
  • State of  Washington
  • Mineta Transportation Institute
  • State of Oregon
  • GTE Telephone Operations (Verizon)
  • State of Idaho
  • Pacific Bell Telephone
  • U S WEST Communications
  • Pacific Northwest Laboratory
  • Southern Bell Telephone
  • Center for the New West
  • Rural Coalition
  • Southern California Association of Governments
  • Puget Sound Regional Council
  • East-West Gateway Coordinating Council
  • The Pricing Advisor
  • Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
    at University of California
  • Bellevue Transportation
    Management Association
  • Center for Civic Networking
  • Community Voice Mail
  • Palouse Economic Development Council
  • Port of Whitman County

Staff Resources

In addition to company president John Niles, Global Telematics manages an extensive talent bank of affiliated professionals.

Examples of Project Experience


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