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Telework means using telecommunications and computers to let employees do their work in novel locations, such as new remote offices or their own homes.

Here are the main considerations in deciding to establish additional office work locations:

1. Be on the lookout for business problems which telework helps solve.

2. Consider all of the telework location options:

3. Take a comprehensive approach to telework.

4. Encourage employees to submit proposals for new worksite locations.

5. Look for opportunities to improve customer focus.

6. Seek retention and recruitment improvements.

7. Evaluate the facility cost reductions from split operations.

8. Find potential operational improvements from telework.

9. Use telework for additional flexibility to handle change.

10. Check out the many telecommunications options for linking worksites.

11. Address the teamwork and company culture issues arising from dispersed work sites.

12. Move forward on telework only on finding a "killer" advantage.

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