Affiliated Professionals

A group of skilled professionals are available to work with the firm as needed to assist clients across our several capabilities.  These professionals' skill and experience cover research design and management, program evaluation, market research, survey design, quantitative analysis, computer modeling, literature retrieval, report writing, training delivery, process facilitation, Internet access, on-line service design, and many specific telematic applications.

Jan Greylorn

Jan Greylorn has recently accepted a position as Director of Planning and Technology Integration at Global Telematics. He has more than twenty years experience working in government technology planning and an additional ten years working with corporate planning and reporting. He has an extensive network of contacts in local government transportation offices, corporate transportation staffs, and transportation associations.

Dick Nelson (RIP, 1936-2019)

Sadly, for all who knew him, Dick Nelson passed away on June 3, 2019. An exhibit from his very productive life of public policy-oriented service since his former career as an elected member of the Washington State House of Representatives is posted here.

Dick Nelson was president of and senior research analyst for Integrated Transport Research (ITR), a Washington State non-profit corporation organized to advance new concepts in transportation planning and transportation investment decision making. Under his direction, ITR pioneered the concept of least-cost transportation planning for metropolitan regions.

Dick was principal investigator for a study of cost-effective regional transportation solutions in the Puget Sound region sponsored by the Energy Foundation. He also collaborated with John Niles on the Beyond Telecommuting study for the U.S. Department of Energy and University of California at Berkeley. While serving in the Washington State legislature, Dick cosponsored Washington State's growth management act and legislation improving state and regional transportation planning.

ITR and Global Telematics worked jointly on a research and education program that explains how the popular land use strategy of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is likely to interact with the established momentum of consumer preference, and the facility location response of the retail and consumer services industries. The result of that work, funded by The Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University is posted here. In March 1999, Dick was appointed Senior Fellow for Urban Growth and Transportation at Center for the New West, and appointed Co-Director of the Forums on Growth Management and Mobility, beginning June 1999 in Colorado Springs with sponsorship from El Pomar Foundation. The agenda for one of his forums is posted here.

Dick Nelson received a B.S. in Engineering from the University of Washington and a Doctor of Science in Materials Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

His obituary was published in The Seattle Times. 

Tom Lehman

Tom Lehman is described at http://www.lehmanconsulting.com. His consulting practice specializes in the development of online services strategies and business plans, and on the corresponding needs for market analysis and research, product definition and development, and effective marketing programs to bring users to this new environment. He has written several articles on the deployment of Internet-based services, including "Doing Business on the Internet" published in New Telecom Quarterly. He has also prepared reports such as "Manufacturing: An Emerging Tele-Structured Industry," part of the study, Beyond Telecommuting, for the U.S. Department of Energy.


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