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Sounder Commuter Rail Service has Begun in the Puget Sound Region

As of September 18, 2000, a limited commuter rail service called Sounder began running between downtown Seattle and downtown Tacoma, with intermediate stops.  As of January 2004, service started operating between Everett and Seattle.  Details are at

"It is a work in progress," said Sound Transit spokesman Denny Fleenor.  "What we want to do is give people choices."

But only a few thousand people are making the choice, and the cost to taxpayers is over one billion dollars.

Analysis of the high cost to taxpayers for each rider on Sounder North from Emory Bundy and Tom Heller.

Beautiful photos of Sounder trains in operation by Steven J. Brown. For a billion dollar program, at least it looks good!

More pictures of Sounder from

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Last modified: February 07, 2011