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Update: June 2007 Sound Transit "Progress Report" describes 1996 "Sound Move" plan as just 50% complete!  Click here for one page pdf excerpt. It leaves out the parts of "Sound Move" that have been transferred to ST2 funded by Proposition 1 on the November 2007 ballot.



What Voters Approved in Ten-Year Plan,
as of November 1996
What Sound Transit is Delivering,
as of Autumn 2007
Name of Main Project Electric Light Rail
Starter System -- majority portion of Sound Move plan
Central Link Light Rail -- still the majority portion of Sound Move plan, now less than 50% completed
Extent of taxation Sound Transit promised voters the option to roll back taxes in 2006 Sound Transit in 2004 won lawsuit against taxpayers to collect taxes forever; Prop 1 in 2007 attempts to double taxes with a new promise to roll them back in 2028 (!!)
Total capital cost, year of expenditure dollars $2.3 billion About $6 billion for the first 21 miles
Schedule for completing Light Rail Starter System 10 Years At least 20 years
Begin passenger service 2006 over the full 21 miles Scheduled for 2009 for the first 15 miles
End-to-end length 21 miles with option for 3 more miles to Northgate if more funding obtained 15 miles under construction; 3 miles awaiting Federal funding; 3 miles unfunded and shifted to Phase 2
Northern terminus on opening day University District at
 NE 45th Street
Downtown Seattle's Westlake Center
Southern terminus on opening day Park & Ride lot south of Airport at S 200th St. Park & Ride lot north of Airport in Tukwila;
Sea-Tac Airport
6 months later
Intermediate stations 15 11 under construction
Daily boardings in 2020 127,600 45,000 for the segment funded and under construction
Authorized, unfunded extensions remaining University District
to Northgate
Airport to S 200th
and Westlake to Husky Stadium and Husky Stadium to Northgate
Mix buses with trains in Downtown Tunnel? Yes at first, then No Back to Yes
Close Bus Tunnel during construction? No, by using existing track installed in late 1980s Yes, for two years to replace existing track
Peak period service  on opening day 6 cars claimed in error, later corrected to 4 cars 2 cars (like a double length street trolley)
Average train speed 25 to 35 mph 26 mph, end to end
Estimated completion date of extensions A few years beyond 2006 Estimated now as 2018
Comprehensive performance audits through independent audit services Promised annually by Sound Transit Never conducted by Sound Transit

Sound Move Plan (1996);
Initial Segment Environmental Assessment (2002);
Estimates by CETA Technical Team.

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