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Prominent Puget Sound Environmentalists
Take Opposing Positions on Link Light Rail in the Seattle Times

Aaron Ostrom and Emory Bundy both have strong environmental credentials in the central Puget Sound region, but they are on opposite sides in their judgments about what Link Light Rail will do for the environment, as printed by the Seattle Times.  They both cannot be right!

Seattle Times Op-Ed Page, May 22, 2000
Link light rail — on the right track
by Richard D. Ford, Allan B. Darr and Aaron Ostrom

Seattle Times Op-Ed Page, June 1, 2000
Sound Transit: Don't believe the hype
by Donald Padelford and Emory Bundy

Aaron Ostrom is Executive Director of 1000 Friends of Washington, a non-profit organization dedicated to bring citizens together to manage growth and stop sprawl in Washington.

An essay dated September 2000 from Aaron Ostrom further making the case for Sound Transit Light Rail.

Aaron Ostrom writing for the April/May, 1996 edition of the Washington Free Press:  Light rail tunnel under Capital Hill is "expensive and risky.... The tunnel's cost per new rider (i.e. riders that aren't already using the bus) is outrageous."




Emory Bundy is a founding member of Citizens for Mobility, an association of concerned citizens dedicated to promoting cost-effective, environmentally-friendly mobility solutions to traffic congestion in the central Puget Sound area.

Biography of Emory Bundy and an essay he prepared on light rail in 1999 for the El Pomar Forum at Center for the New West.

Emory Bundy's position statement against the light rail plan in 1996 as a dissenting member of the Outreach Committee of the Regional Transit Authority. "The region would be worse off by $1 billion if the RTA built the proposed system than if it did nothing at all."

Emory Bundy's response to Paul Bay's criticism of Bundy's Summer 2000 article on rail mass transit in Open Spaces.

Emory Bundy reflects in 2005 on Aaron Ostrom's essay from 2000.

Bonus: Click here to go to  the Public Television interview of Bundy and Ostrom together, February 15, 2001

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