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Seattle Popular Monorail, 1997-2005

Seattle Popular Monorail construction approved by City of Seattle voters, November 5, 2002

Initiative to block monorail construction rejected by City of Seattle voters on November 5, 2004

Project terminated by majority vote in City of Seattle on November 8, 2005


Website for the existing and ongoing Seattle Monorail built for the 1962 World's Fair, different from the Popular Monorail Project


Concise history of the Seattle Popular Monorail Project, 1997-2005


Final Days: September 23, 2005 afternoon: Monorail Board puts a shortened line on the November 8th ballot (Seattle Times story).


Final Days: September 23, morning: Seattle City Council votes 9-0 to stop the monorail (press release)


Final Days: September 16, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels cancels monorail permission to use city right of way (press release)

November 2005: A Seattle weekly newspaper, The Stranger, reviews the history of the Popular Monorail (external link)

October 2005: Seattle Times reporter Mike Lindblom took questions on the Seattle Monorail controversy (external link)

October 2005: Seattle Times table of monorail train size compared to urban trains in other cities (external link)

Autumn 2004: Seattle Monorail Recall: First, Set Transportation Priorities

June 2004: Technical questions posed by a respected Seattle engineer in an 8 page illustrated letter to Seattle City Council (pdf)

October 2002: PITF Co-Founder Dick Nelson evaluates the Seattle Green Line Monorail proposal: "Selling a Transit Technology"

October 2002: Seattle Monorail initiator Dick Falkenbury responds to PITF with "Monorail: Not Just a Better Bus"

Monorail Quick Links

Elevated Transportation Company has become the Seattle Monorail Project, now closing down

Cascadia Monorail Company was the sole bidder to build the Seattle Monorail

Friends of the Monorail is a citizen's group advocating building a monorail for a number of years.  Also maintains a discussion group.

On Track was an association trying to make the monorail project build what the citizens approved.

City of Seattle Monorail web pages

2045 Seattle is a group of young and concerned Seattle residents who are committed to healthy rapid transit by building the Monorail. from a Seattle resident who wants it built

Transit Over Roads, part of the pro-monorail campaign

Freeway | Monorail is a grass-roots advocacy coalition promoting a regional monorail running along the existing freeways.

Advanced Transportation Technologies web site, Monorail Infopage

The Monorail Society advocates for building more monorails worldwide

Puget Sound Regional Monorail is dedicated to bringing a freeway-based monorail solution to the cities of Western Washington.

Citizens for King County Monorail is proposing the creation of a citizens commission to prepare plans for a countywide monorail system that can be submitted to the voters for approval.

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