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Critical Analysis and Commentary on the RTA Plan

Post-Election (Since November 5, 1996)

Have We Made a Big Mistake?, by Jim MacIsaac

Alternative North Corridor Alignment for RTA, by Doug Tooley

Pre-Election (Written prior to the RTA election victory on November 5, 1996)

What We Like and Don't Like in the RTA Plan, by the Editors

No Way to Run a Railroad, by Peter Staten

Why the RTA Plan Jeopardizes One of the Nation's Best Bus Systems, by James MacIssac

Testimony Presented to the King County Council on October 14th, by Emory Bundy

A Cost-Effective Strategy for Puget Sound Transportation" by Dick Nelson and Don Shakow. Completed in September, 1995 with support from the Institute for Washington's Future.

Regional Transit Plan Needs Thoughtful Discussion and Debate, by Dick Nelson and John Niles

Lead Stories from Volume 1 of the Public Interest Transit Forum, prepared by the editors.


Have the RTA plan's architects lost sight of the problem?


No Confidence Motion Introduced in the King County Council on the RTA Rail/Bus Transit Plan 


Independent Analysis of RTA Plan Concludes that Costs Exceed Benefits by $2,500,000,000


The Pro-RTA TV Ad is Seven Ways Dishonest


RTA Plan is Bad for the Environment

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