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Puget Sound RTA (Sound Transit) System Map

Click on this little map for a larger version you can actually read.

This is a miniature of the total Sound Transit system map as provided by Sound Transit in September 2000. Yes, it is too small to read, but you get the idea. Your perspective is from very high over Bremerton looking East-Northeast. The lines are where the Sound Transit buses and trains will go, and the dots are the major transit centers. Much of the RTA system depicted is not in operation, and not with a complete schedule even where running.  In general, the Express Bus service is being implemented first, the commuter rail next, and the light rail last.  As of September 2000, the Link light rail system in central Seattle is scheduled to begin operation in the year 2007.

As a convenience to you, the Public Interest Transportation Forum has copied the Sound Transit system map posted in PDF into a GIF format map file that will display in any browser.

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Last modified: February 07, 2011