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Transit Experience in Other Cities in the US

This page provides information about light rail systems in other US metro areas that are often cited as examples for the Puget Sound region to emulate. The editors believe that experience gained with rail and other forms of transit in other major metropolitan areas is useful, but that the claims of success for these systems must be carefully evaluated, especially in light of regional differences. What works in one region cannot simply be imported to another region that differs in its geography, transit experience, and social makeup. For this reason, we particularly reject the idea that experience from metro areas in other countries is relevant to our situation. Further, experience with rail is best looked at by aggregating the experience from a number of areas rather than just individually selected areas.

We also believe that the best way to determine the likely success of rail or any other transit technology is to use up-to-date computer models specially designed for the job. These models, under the jurisdiction of the Puget Sound Regional Council, have been used to predict transit ridership, reduction of private vehicle trips, and changes in the level of congestion resulting from the introduction of the RTA plan and other strategies.

Urban Transit Fact Book - contains relevant information on a variety of current transit issues in many cities

Revisiting the often-told conspiracy theory about General Motors and the decline of U.S. streetcars - research published Summer 1997 in Transportation Quarterly by Cliff Slater

Transit Analyst Wendell Cox on Light Rail: "Incinerator for Federal Funding"

Portland, Oregon - links to several web sites that provide analyses and evaluations of the Metropolitan Area Express (MAX) light rail system.

Denver, Colorado - Competitive tendering program required by state law has been beneficial to Regional Transit District's bottom line.

St. Louis, Missouri - Transit-related news items from River City

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Last modified: February 07, 2011