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US DOT has a vision for Intelligent Transportation Systems -- Powerpoint presented at January 2008 Transportation Research Board meeting is here or in pdf format.

Do you know about the " best kept transit secret " in the U.S.? It was built by the Boeing Company and has been operating successfully at West Virginia University for more than 20 years - - one of the "good" things done by the Nixon Administration.

A new technology that combines the best features of urban rail and auto transport is now under development in Denmark. It is called RUF (Rapid, Urban, Flexible) and is very well suited for the highly dispersed Puget Sound region. It is being vigorously investigated in the Los Angeles region and has attracted world-wide interest. RUF represents a solution that could do much to make highly decentralized city-regions more sustainable and livable.

Citizens for Common Sense in Transportation is a Seattle-based advocacy group for small vehicle elevated transit.

smallnew192.gif (926 bytes)A Seattle-based advocacy site for Personal Rapid Transit is operated by David Gow.

Door-to-door van transit offers a low-cost, feasible and proven alternative to reduce traffic congestion and emissions. Details are provided in a study entitled" Shuttle Vans: the Overlooked Transit Alternative ". This study is focused on the problems of Los Angeles but ours are quite similar in most respects. It is available from the Reason Foundation as Report #176.

Go to the Innovative Transportation Technologies Web Site for more -- much more! This web site is maintained by PITF Co-Editor Jerry Schneider, who writes: "This site should be of interest to people working in a wide variety of fields such as urban planning, environmental protection, real estate development, intermodal passenger and freight transportation planning, intelligent transportation systems planning, transit systems planning, architecture and auto-free city advocates. [The transportation systems described here] offer the potential for reducing auto-dependence and urban congestion over time which is a goal of great importance to the achievement of more sustainable cities and economies - worldwide."

A Seattle Planner's Recommended Transit Alternative for Communities Surrounding Lake Washington: The Seattle-Redmond Loop

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