John Niles made a presentation at the Eastside Transportation Association meeting on Wednesday June 20, 2012

Topic: The Future of Roads, Automobiles, and Public Transit

He described social, technological, and economic forces now visible that will bring a revolution in personal mobility over the next decade.

John Niles is President of Global Telematics, an independent, non-partisan policy research consultancy based in Seattle, Washington since 1986. He also holds appointed positions as a Research Associate with Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University, and as Research Director for the new Seattle-based non-profit think-and-do tank, Center for Advanced Transportation and Energy Solutions (CATES).

Niles' research interests include connected electric vehicle deployment, traffic operations management, and public transit productivity. He educates and advises on the many ways that communications and transportation interact, including teleworking, electronic service delivery, and computerization and wireless communications in cars. 

Click here to download a pdf copy of the slides he used in his talk ... 5 megabytes.

For further information on any point made in the talk or illustrated in the slides, contact John at email or 206-781-4475.