Nonwork Travel Improvement Planning Process

A New Planning Template for Transit-Oriented Development

Executive Summary (HTML)

bulletFinal Report from Mineta Transportation Institute in PDF Format (2.4 MB)        getacro.gif (2143 bytes)
bulletExecutive Summary and Table of Contents of Final Report in PDF Format (294 KB)
bulletAppendix A: Critical Review of Selected TOD Literature in PDF Format (261 KB)
bulletFollowup Activity: The Regional Transportation Reality Check (SM)

Biographical information on principal investigator Dick Nelson and co-author John Niles.

Home page of co-author Professor Aharon Hibshoosh of San Jose State University.

Working Papers in the Preparation of the Final Report

bulletReport Number One (updated to reflect comments) is here in PDF format. 311 KB
Title is "The Growing Importance of Nonwork Travel."
bulletReport Number Two (updated to reflect comments) is here in PDF format. 331 KB
Title is "Preliminary Template Design."
bulletReport Number Three (updated to reflect comments) is here in PDF format. 1.32 MB
Title is "Prototype Nonwork Database."  Does not include retail map appendix, available separately, next.
bulletThe appendix  from Report Number Three containing 17 maps showing retail site locations is here in PDF format (mapbook.pdf). 1.15 MB
bulletSample map from Report Number Three in htm format. 80 KB.   The point of the maps is to illustrate variety and dispersion in shopping, recreation, and cultural activities that are the destination of non-work travel. These maps cover the central Puget Sound region. Data were obtained from Puget Sound Regional Council, and from Yellow Pages listings.
bulletReport Number Four is here in PDF format. 277 KB
Title is "Revised Template Design."
bulletReport Number Five is here in PDF format. 192 KB
Title is "Template Review Forum & Final Template Design."

Questions or comments?  Contact Dick Nelson and John Niles as follows:
Send an email to,
or call Dick Nelson at 206-781-0915 in Seattle,
or leave a message at 1-206-781-4475 with some good times to call back.

Access to our earlier papers on TOD and nonwork travel (three for TRB and one for APA)

Access to Dick Nelson's earlier papers on least-cost transportation planning

Links to related information:

bullet King County (Seattle) Washington's web site on Transit Oriented Development
bulletThs search engine Google generates over two million hits for "transit oriented development." Most of these are about particular station-area projects, or about guidelines for station-area development. Our interest as researchers is the metro area, region-wide transportation system performance likely from TOD.  Would TOD at ten, or even twenty transit stations in a new system make any difference in how much people drive their cars?
bulletVictoria Transport Policy Institute on Transit Oriented Development
bullet Thoreau Institute on Transit Oriented Development

Home page of the Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University.

We deeply appreciate the research funding support from Mineta Transportation Institute.  All research and analysis for this project has been conducted independently, and our work does not necessarily represent the views of this Institute.

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