Benefits of Intelligent Transportation Systems

Type of System

Measured Benefit

Improvement Level

Traveler Information Systems Changing to better routes 50% of users
Changing departure times 45% of users
Changing mode of travel 5% to 10% of users
Adaptive Arterial Traffic Signals Stops at signals Reduced 22% to 41%
Travel time Lower by 8% to 20%
Delay Down 15% to 44%
Freeway Ramp Metering Accidents Reduced 14% to 50%
Speed Increased 8% to 60%
Incident Management Programs Incident clearance time Lower by 66%
Accident rates Reduced 41%
Delay hours Down between 95,000 to 255,000 annually

Source: Intelligent Transportation Systems: Real World Benefits, USDOT Report, January 1998

Note: This chart supplements the Discovery Institute Inquiry report, "Technology & Transportation: The Dynamic Relationship," September 2001 by John Niles. Download in PDF here.