Propositions About Telecom & Land Use:
Inherent Bias Toward Suburban Dispersal?

1. Telecommuters live farther away from work than non-telecommuters.

2. Cellular phones make difficult commuting more tolerable, and hence reduce the "friction of distance."

3. Physical stores are tending to be bigger and serving larger trade areas in order to compete with the prices and variety found in on-line stores.

4. New office construction permits easier telecommunications wiring than using rehabilitated or recycled space.

5. Suburban school districts are installing more and better internet access than inner city school systems.

6. Wireless voice and data services work better in low-rise, moderate-density environments than in high-rise, high-density environments.

7. Electronic networks motivate long-distance travel and "just-in-time" logistics, and thus establish a predilection to locate closer to airports.

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