Presentation to Regional Planners in Metropolitan

Washington DC, February 1999

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Factors Determining the Success of TOD

Factor Station area success Regional success
Number of TODs (& station areas)   X
Transit quality   X
Transit technology   X
Street pattern X X
Station area parking X X
Employment and housing density X X
Commercial mix X X
Retail siting criteria   X
Regional market structure   X
Consumer activity patterns   X
Travel behavior/trip chaining   X
Zoning permanence   X
Resident reactions X X
Housing type preference/life style & life stage   X
Self-selection in residential choice X X
Government policies   X

Source: Measuring the Success of Transit-Oriented Development:
Retail Market Dynamics and Other Key Determinants
by John S. Niles and Dick Nelson
prepared for the American Planning Association Annual Meeting
Seattle, April 1999

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Click here for Puget Sound region map showing locations of widely dispersed grocery stores

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Click here for Emerging Model of Retail Dynamics and NonWork Travel

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