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Telecommunications Deployment Strategy

Southern California Telecommunications Deployment Strategy report

The Southern California Telecommunications Deployment Strategy, published in 1996 by Southern California Association of Governments (, describes an official transportation management policy of the Los Angeles regional metropolitan planning organization (MPO) covering six counties, 38,000 square miles, and 13 million people, generating 35 million daily vehicle trips.

The report was prepared by Global Telematics, acting as a subcontractor to Ellen Williams and Associates of Concord, California.

Described by Wayne Smith, Director of the Office of Information Technology in the College of Business and Economics at California State University, Northridge as "one of the best analytical reports on 'telecommuting' and 'telework' that I have seen. It's primary focus is on improving mobility in the Southern California metroplex. The reports strategizes ways that overall trips might be reduced by the growth in residential and business telecommunications capabilities."

The final report won a first place PRo Award from the Public Communicators of Los Angeles.

The report is now available exclusively here in two pdf files, below, absent the appendices. The report is no longer listed on the Association web site. 

A pdf version of the Executive Summary is available here for downloading. (747 KB)

A pdf version of the Full Report is available here for downloading. (882 KB) The Full Report does not include the Executive Summary, which is formatted as a separate publication.

A preview of the contents is provided below with a list of chapters and graphic exhibits.

To receive a printed version of the Executive Summary accompanied by a CD-ROM of the entire report, including appendices, send your mailing address and a check or money order for US$19 to Global Telematics (TDS), 4005 20th Avenue West, Suite 111, Seattle, Washington 98199-1290 USA. Please add $5 for shipments outside North America. The CD-ROM works with MS-DOS, Windows, and Macintosh.

Telecommunications Deployment Strategy
Table of Contents

Exhibits List


1. Telecommunications Background Overview and Issues Identification

2. Status of Telecommunications in Southern California

3. Trip Making Impacts of Telecommunications

4. Issues Summary

5. Strategy for the Southern California Region

6. Strategy Assumptions

7. Description of the Strategy

8. 2020 Vision of the Strategy in Operation

9. Benefits of the Strategy

10 Work Plan for Strategy Implementation

11. Financial Plan: Cost Elements

12. Modeling Telecommunications effects on Transportation

13. Telecommunications and the Economy


References and Notes


Appendix A: Los Angeles County Telecommuting Outreach Program

Appendix B: Telecommunications Case Studies

Appendix C: Comparisons of Existing Regional Telecommunications Efforts

Work Place Wire Newsletters covering Alternative Work Place Strategies

Exhibits List

Exhibit 1 Comparison of Baseline to Plan in the Southern California Regional Transportation Plan of 1994

Exhibit 2 Board of Directors of the Southern California Economic Partnership

Exhibit 3 Organization Chart of the Southern California Economic Partnership

Exhibit 4 Charter Members of the Telecommuting Cluster Advisory Group of the Southern California Economic Partnership

Exhibit 5 Growing Number of Transistors in each Microcomputer Chip

Exhibit 6 Typical Data Communications Speeds Available for Homes and Small Business

Exhibit 7 Inventory of Telecommunications Products and Services

Exhibit 8 Layers of Telecommunications

Exhibit 9 Trade Press Quotations Illustrating High Level of Obscure Jargon

Exhibit 10 Linking Trip Purposes to Telecommunication Deployment

Exhibit 11 Generic Telecommunications Applications with Travel Impacts, Categorized by Applications Area or Travel Purpose

Exhibit 12 Examples of existing telecommunications applications in Southern California

Exhibit 13 Non-profit and government organizations in the Southern California region that applied for federal funding support of telecommunications development in 1995

Exhibit 14 The five Southern California winners in the 1995 grant competition from the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration Telecommunications Information Infrastructure Assistance Program

Exhibit 15 Sharp Focus Needed for Travel Savings from Telecommunications

Exhibit 16 The Telecommunications Cluster Adds a Second Loop to the Cycle of Value Creation

Exhibit 17 Process Flow of Telecommunications Application Development and Deployment, and Knowledge Base Categories

Exhibit 18: Format of telecommunications application case studies in the Telecommunications Cluster Knowledge Base

Exhibit 19 Telecommunications Cluster Knowledge Base has Many Facets

Exhibit 20 Draft Analysis Tool for Determining Best Opportunity Targets for Telecommunications Cluster Action

Exhibit 21 Telecommunications Deployment Strategy

Exhibit 22 Public-Private Process to Accelerate Telecommunications Deployment

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