Exhibits on Land Use Characteristics Related to Transportation Investment Decisions

Take 1: Land Use and Light Rail TOD

Table: Land use characteristics of Link station areas

Take 2: Transit Ridership and Land Use Density

Map: Seattle census tracts with a population density greater than Boston's average density

Graph: Seattle census tract densities

Map: Seattle areas where residential growth is encouraged

Take 3: Spread of Urbanization in Puget Sound Region

Map: Counties in Puget Sound Basin

Graph: Shrinking King County Share of Puget Sound Basin Population

Table: Growth of Population & Developed Land in Puget Sound Urbanized Areas

Take 4: Job Locations and Commute Patterns

Table: 1990 Work Trip Mode Shares by City/Neighborhood of Destination in the Sound Transit/RTA Service Area

Table: 1994 Job Distribution in the Central Puget Sound Region

Take 5: Nonwork Activity and Mobility Patterns

Graphic: Hypothetical Household Travel Patterns

Chart: Chaining of Nonwork and Work Trips

Compilation of 17 maps showing Seattle area retail site locations, in Adobe Acrobat format, (mapbook.pdf). 1.15 MB. This document is an appendix from a report by Dick Nelson and John Niles for the Mineta Institute at San Jose State University. The point of the maps is to illustrate variety and dispersion in shopping, recreation, and cultural activities that are the destination of non-work travel. These maps cover the central Puget Sound region. Data were obtained from Puget Sound Regional Council, and from Yellow Pages listings.

A sample map from the mapbook.pdf compilation, showing Puget Sound Region grocery stores, 80 KB.

All graphs and tables prepared by Dick Nelson, Integrated Transport Research, Inc.